Fundamentals of CX Metrics & Measurements
Dec 06 2016

Fundamentals of CX Metrics & Measurements

Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge

The speed at which customers can engage, decide, purchase, reject or switch has increased rapidly over that last decade. As we increase our focus on delivering differentiated customer experiences the importance of the right measurements and metrics have never been higher.

In this world of customer satisfaction, customer effort, engagement, loyalty and net promoter score how do you know if you are using the right metric at the right place at the right time? How should you be using these results to drive the ROI that the business is looking for?


Attend this course to:

  • Explore where you are now through benchmarking against other organisations
  • Understand a range of metrics including NPS, CES, UX, CXI, CSAT and more
  • Analyse descriptive metrics and metrics based on outcomes
  • Learn what you should be measuring and where


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Tuesday, 6th December 2016

  • Getting to know each other
  • Understanding your objectives for the course
Benchmarking your organisation: where are you now?
  • Overview of the three Pillars of CX Maturity
    • Insight
    • Culture
    • Capability
  • Four Stages of the Journey to CX Improvement
    • Fixing the basics
    • Delivering a consistent CX
    • Differentiating your CX
    • Delighting your customers
  • What it means to be at each of the five levels of customer experience maturity
  • Where measurement and metrics fit into this framework and what it means for your approach
  • Who is good at this? You might be surprised 
Metrics based on customer-perception
  • Examining a range of metrics, including:
    • NPS – Net Promoter Score
    • CES – Customer Effort Scores
    • UX – User Experience Scores
    • CXI – Customer Experience Index
    • CSAT – Customer Satisfaction Index
    • And more
  • How do these metrics work and what are their strengths and drawbacks? 
Descriptive metrics
  • What are the shortcomings of descriptive metrics? Where should they be used?
  • Analysing examples of descriptive metrics, including:
    • First Contact Resolution
    • Average Handle Time
    • Sales or Registrations
    • And more 
Metrics based on outcomes
  • Which business outcomes can be translated into worthwhile metrics for customer experience purposes?
  • Examining the features of different outcome-based metrics, including:
    • CLV – Customer Lifetime Value
    • ARPU – Average Revenue Per User
    • Customer Retention
    • Frequency of purchase/contact
    • And more 
What should you be measuring and where?
  • Analysing existing measurement activities and the metrics being used
  • Examining who is measuring what in your organisation and where is it being measured in the customer journey?
  • Analysing the ‘when’: how timing and channel can have a major impact on the success of a metric
  • Who is acting on which measurements and are these the right people?
  • Discussing the pros, cons and challenges posed by these approaches
  • The end of one-size fits all: how to tailor the metrics discussed to your organisation 
Case Study

Starting with Customer Journey Mapping

We will look at how vitally important it is that you fully understand your end-to-end journey if you are going to measure your experience effectively. Delegates will be asked to consider where best to put each metric in the customer journey. 

Case Study

Understanding the difference between your operational and relational metrics

We will look across all channels of interaction including social media and understand which channels are driving which types of behaviour, before considering what you should pay attention to and what you should ignore. 

CX measurements of the future
  • The impact of an improved understanding of human behaviour on emerging metrics and techniques
  • How technology is likely to drive developments, where it’s useful and where it might be a distraction
  • Could unstructured measurements – such as social media data – become more useful in the future?
  • ​Emotional measurements: what will the look like and how could they be implemented
  • The potential of physiological and biometric feedback
  • Towards a new understanding of how to look at ROI in your customer base
Conclusions and putting it into action
  • A summary of the key lessons learnt
  • Concrete actions you can take in your organisation now to improve your Customer Experience Management metrics
  • Getting others on board with the insights discussed during the day
  • Final Q&A
Close of course

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Your Expert Trainer

Richard Kimber has over two decades of experience in commercial and customer facing roles building successful and profitable customer relationships. He currently helps businesses of all sizes who want to understand how to deliver consistently great customer experiences that bring greater financial benefits.

Richard’s key experience was gained working for a market research agency specializing in customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement for both business to business and business to consumer organisations, with clients that included The Co-operative Retail Group, Xerox, Lombard Financial Services, Stannah Lift Services, Manchester United, Volkswagen Group and Principality Building Society. He also conducted international research for Rolls Royce travelling to Moscow, Norway, Istanbul and Jeddah.

He’s designed and presented public and in house training seminars and workshops covering all aspects of the customer satisfaction measurement and improvement process. He presented frequently at client conferences on customer experience and its importance as a foundation in making and growing a successful business.

Richard is a companion member of The Institute of Customer Service and is visiting guest lecturer on customer experience at Huddersfield Business School. He is also the author of “The unforgettable customer experience: win customers, keep customers” aimed specifically at SMEs and micro businesses, enabling them to take advantage of the business and financial benefits of delivering great customer experiences that build greater customer loyalty.

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